Rwandan Safaris

Rwandan Safaris

7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

On this 7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari, you will get the opportunity to see all of the country’s national parks. You will get the opportunity to witness a variety of animals during game drives in Akagera National Park, golden monkey and gorilla trekking during your time in Volcanoes National Park, and chimpanzee trekking as your last activity in Nyungwe Forest National Park. This trip will give you the opportunity to witness over 13 different types of primates that call Nyungwe their home.

Day 1: Arrive in Kigali

When you arrive in Kigali, a representative from our travel agency in Rwanda will be there to receive you at the airport. From there, you will be transported to your hotel in Kigali so that you may check in.

Day 2: Transfer to Akagera national park and Ihema Boat Cruise

After breakfast on the second day of your Rwanda safari, you will be transferred to Akagera national park. There, you will spend the day exploring the area. You will check in at the lodge or motel upon your arrival to Akagera national park as soon as you get there. During an exciting lunch during which you will get the opportunity to sample some of the area’s most highly recommended foods, your guide will take you on a boat tour on Lake Ihema.

During your time at the lake, you will have the opportunity to witness a wide range of water-loving creatures such as hippos, crocodiles, and a great number of bird species. These animals make their homes in and around the lake and the marshes that surround it.

Day 3: Early morning game drive and transfer to Volcanoes National Park

On the third day of your 7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari , you will get up bright and early to embark on a game drive first thing in the morning. There are numerous animals that get out early in the morning to graze, and there are also many predators out seeking for their early morning kill during the morning hours. After making your way back to your hotel or lodge, you will freshen up, have lunch, and then pack your things in preparation for the trip to Volcanoes National Park. After arriving to Volcanoes National Park, you will check into your lodging and take the rest of the day off to unwind and enjoy the park. Dinner will be provided at the place where you are staying.

Day 4: Gorilla Tracking

7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes N.P

After a very early breakfast, you will make your way to the headquarters of the Volcanoes National Park for a normal gorilla tracking briefing. During this briefing, you will be given information on the things that you should and should not do while on your gorilla tour. After then, a gorilla group for you to follow will be selected at random and given to you as your assignment. After that, you will make your way into the dense rain forest of the Virunga rainforests in order to get started on your gorilla trekking adventure.

Upon the end of the gorilla tracking activity, which can last anywhere from two to eight hours, you will make your way back to the lodge for some rest time and lunch. If there is time, your guide will take you to a nearby Banywarwanda settlement, where you will have the amazing opportunity to engage in a stimulating cultural exchange with the native people who live there. When the sun has set, you will make your way back to the hotel or lodge where you are staying in time for supper.

Day 5: Golden Monkey Tracking

On the 5th day of your 7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari, you are to meet at the headquarters of the park first thing in the morning for a briefing. You have the option of going on a golden monkey tracking excursion or making the ascent to the Karisoke Research Centre, which was founded by Dian Fossey. Fossey was an American primatologist who devoted her entire life to the protection of mountain gorillas until the day she was killed. She is buried at Karisoke Research Centre next to a mountain gorilla named Digit. At the research facility, you will get further knowledge on the daily life of mountain gorillas.

When you get back, you will immediately start getting ready for your journey to Nyungwe Forest National Park by organizing and packing your belongings. On the way to Nyungwe, you will stop in one of the towns along the way for a special lunch that will feature traditional delicacies from Rwanda. The travel to Nyungwe Forest will continue after lunch, and upon arrival, you will check in to your hotel or lodge for an overnight stay there. In the lodge, there will be a dinner waiting for you.

Day 6: Chimpanzee Tracking

Following breakfast, your Lakeside Tours and Travel guide will transport you to the park headquarters so that you may attend a briefing on chimpanzee tracking. After that, you will begin your chimp tracking in the Nyungwe forest, where you will look for the social members of the group that are lively and playful. The chimpanzees are the easiest animals to notice since they are always moving around and making noise while they are doing it. The tracking of chimps often takes around three hours. After that, you will go back to your lodging to have lunch there.

Canopy Walk is a swing bridge that is around fifty meters in length and is hanging from huge trees. You will go on a route that will lead you to Canopy Walk after lunch. You will get a breathtaking view of the tropical rain forest from above, and you will be able to see the wildlife below you as it moves around. When the sun has set, you will make your way back to the hotel or lodge where you are staying in time for supper.

Day 7: Return to Kigali

As soon as breakfast is over, you will finish packing up, and then you will start your drive back to Kigali. After arriving in Kigali, you will immediately go on a city tour of Kigali. You might also go to the monument for the genocide that is located in Kigali. This brings your seven day trip of Rwanda to a close. When the tour is over, your  Rwanda Guide will transport you back to your accommodation or the airport.

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