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Rwandan Safaris

10 Days Rwanda Luxury Safari

It’s nowhere, 10 days Rwanda Luxury safari across all the concealed corners of the land of a thousand hills, endowed with abundant flora and fauna, reliable security, and traditional lodgings. The trip encompasses all the destinations in Rwanda that you could possibly want to see, including mammals, primates, and several attractions you could never have envisioned.

Kigali city will be the initial greeting, followed by Africa big 5 at Akagera national park, the laughter of chimpanzees at Nyungwe national park, the gentleness of mountain gorillas and the appeal of golden monkeys at Volcanoes national park, and the tranquility of Lake Kivu. Other attractions include the Musanze caverns, the Ibyiwachu village, and the Nyanza museum.

Day1: Arrival and city tour

As the long-awaited day finally arrives, our company representative will collect you up from the airport or your hotel. He will gladly explain the various aspects of the itinerary, answer your queries, and offer you some juice to quench your thirst.

After a rewarding city tour of the local markets and the genocide memorial site, you will return to your hotel for relaxation, dinner, and an afternoon siesta.

Day 2: Kigali city to Akagera national park

Begin your day with a delectable brunch meal. After that, you will embark on a scenic drive to Akagera national park, which is home to an abundance of wildlife, including Africa’s Big5. You will traverse undulating Hills, and plantations all lined up for eyes to rest on. You will arrive at your park lodge in time for lunch, followed by an incredible 3–4-hour evening game drive in the park’s northern sector, in search of prey and predators either beginning their night shifts or returning to their territories to rest.

Among others, there are rhinoceroses, elephants, buffalo, lions, warthogs, and wild canines. You will then return to the lodge to have a rest as well as supper.

Day3: Morning game drive and evening boat cruise

On the 3rd day of your 10 Days Rwanda Luxury Safari, this day begins with a delicious cup of coffee, followed by a rewarding 4-5-hour drive to the Akagera wilderness in quest of the various residents hunting, grazing, or resting in the savannah grasslands. Several mammals, including zebras, numerous antelope species, gigantic elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, and bushbucks; Birds including egrets, lovebirds, and eagles; plants, and reptiles, among others, are highlighted at a focal point.

After lunch, there is a rewarding afternoon canoe crossing on Lake Ihema, which is home to crocodiles, hippos, and a variety of bird species. This day concludes with dinner and a night’s rest.

Day4: Transfer to Nyungwe national park- Nyanza stopover

The first thigh of the day is breakfast, followed by a 7-9 hour drive to another Paradise in Rwanda, the Chimpanzees of Nyungwe national park, where you come face to face with your cuisines. Intriguingly, you will also have a stopover en route for a cultural exhibition at Nyanza, followed by a lunch stop at a restaurant with some of the finest cuisine you have ever encountered. You will arrive at the resort late at night for dinner and overnight accommodations.

Day5: Chimpanzee tracking and canopy walk

After breakfast, you will embark on a rewarding chimpanzee tracking adventure that begins early in the morning with a park ranger briefing. They will verify your monitoring documents, instruct you on proper behavior around primates, and accompany you through the forest. The Nyungwe forest is home to over 13 distinct primate species, with chimpanzees dominating and coexisting with Columbus monkeys, baboons, vervet monkeys, and a number of others, not to mention wildlife and flora.

The tracking of chimpanzees typically takes between one and seven hours, plus an additional hour for photography, questions, and observing them manifest human characteristics while communicating, playing, or even eating. After these tasks have been completed, lunch is discussed, followed by a leisurely afternoon spent in the treetops on a 2-3 hour canopy walk. Dinner and overnight accommodations at the lodge

Day6: Depart Nyungwe for Volcanoes national park

At sunrise, a simple nature stroll can be followed by a delicious cup of tea. After checking out of the lodge, you will be driven to Volcanoes national park, which is home to the sought-after endangered mountain gorillas, the rare golden primates, and a variety of other unique fauna species.

Nothing keeps you more vigilant on this drive than the undulating hills, plantations, bustling towns, and friendly locals. You will pause for lunch and arrive at the park in the evening for dinner and a nap.

Day7: Gorilla trekking and cultural adventure

On the 7th day of your 10 Days Rwanda Luxury Safari, you will be required to rise very early in the morning for breakfast, followed by a conveyance to the park headquarters for a 30-minute pre-trekking briefing that begins at approximately 08:00hours.

You will be able to monitor, observe, and photograph one gorilla family’s breastfeeding mothers, the captivating backs of the enormous silverbacks, and the playful infants.  The entire journey can last between 1 and 8 hours, with a maximum of one hour spent searching for apes.

10 Days Rwanda Luxury Safari

Iby’ Cultural Tour

After lunch, you will spend an active evening with the Rwandans at the Ibyiwachu cultural village, experiencing the village’s cultural walks, dances, songs, and dress code, among other things. After dinner and a snooze, you will return to the lodge.

Day8: Golden monkey trekking and Musanze caves

After a hearty breakfast at the lodge in the early morning, you will proceed to the park headquarters for registration and a briefing. This will be another thrilling day in the jungle, but not for gorillas, but for one of the most beautiful, exciting, and memorable wild animals: golden monkeys.

Upon discovering them after a 1-to-6-hour hike, speed will be the watchword if you need clear photos and a nice view. Golden monkeys are so playful that they leap from tree to tree quicker than the untrained eye can perceive.

After a successful adventure, there will be a lunch break, followed by a visit to the Musanze caves to learn more about this magical cave, investigate, and take photographs, before returning to the lodge for dinner and the night.

Day9: Transfer to Lake Kivu- relaxation

On the 9th day of your 10 Days Rwanda Luxury Safari, after an energizing cup of coffee, you will check out of the lodge and proceed to Rwanda’s largest freshwater lake for rest and relaxation. Here, you will enter at lunchtime, which will be followed by a variety of activities such as swimming, hiking, and horseback riding. This day concludes joyfully with a lodge dinner and overnight stay.

Day10: departure

After enjoying the calm breeze, breakfast, and lakeside activities, you will check out of the lodge and be transferred to the agreed-upon drop-off point, which can be the airport, your home, or a hotel.

End of 10 Days Rwanda Luxury Safari


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