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What Is The Biggest National Park In Rwanda?

What Is The Biggest National Park In Rwanda? Akagera national park is located in the Eastern region in Rwanda bordering with Tanzania. This national park was established in 1934 and it is considered the largest national park in the country compared to other parks in the country hence covering a total surface area of about 1,200 square kilometers. More so, Akagera national park derived its name from River Kagera which is seen as the waterbody source to other bodies around the park like; Lake Ihema, Lake Mihindi, Lake Gishanju, lake Rwanyakizinga and lake Shakani among others. However, apart from these waterbodies, the park is also surrounded with good savannah grasslands, plains, dense forests that act as a good natural habitat and the rolling hills, which give the park a very beautiful and scenic view.

More so, Akagera national park is a good destination to go to while on an adventurous safari in Rwanda and it is known to be a home to the big five animals such as; elephants, lions, rhinoceros, buffalos, leopards. More so, apart from the big five animals, this national park is also a home to many other wildlife species such as; bush pigs, impala, mongoose, topi, black masked civet, several cats, duikers, black masked civet, giraffes, elands, zebras, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, warthogs, reedbuck, sitatunga antelopes, and roan antelopes, side-stripped jackal, klipspringer and many other primate species like; blue monkeys, bush babies, vervet monkeys, olive baboons and many others.

Activities to do while in Akagera national park.

Tourists who opt to visit and explore through Akagera national park while on their Rwanda Safari always have great opportunities to choose and engage in many interesting activities. In addition, these include;

Game drives.

Game drives in Akagera national park are always done in different sessions such as; in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening through the plains, hills and lakes. More so, takes drive trips around this park is interesting because the roads in the national park developed ever since the partnership between Rwanda development boards with the African parks became more effective. During these game drives, tourists are always accompanied with park guides or rangers who lead them through and have their role to ensure of the safety of both individuals and the animals.

Bird watching.

Akagera national park is seen as a birders paradise where tourists get chances to sight see very many unique bird species due to the fact that it is a home to over 450 bird species  and these bird species are easily spotted within the forests like the Nyungwe forest and the Albertine Rift species. therefore, some of these bird species include; Sauza shrike, lilac- breasted roller, double-toothed barbet, black-headed gonolek, the arnot chat, Meyer’s parrot, Ross’s turaco, the red faced barbet, the long tailed cistola and the rare shoebill stock among others.

Sport fishing.

Akagera national park is also a cool destination where sport-fishing activities are done best in Rwanda. In addition, tourists who have their best interest in fishing can visit places like the shores of Lake Shakani where they able to catch some fish species like; catfish and tilapia. More so, fishing permits in this national park are charged at a cost of about 20 USD per person and during fishing, individuals also get chances  to sight see bird species and mammal species while drinking water to quench their thirst along the shores. In addition, the interesting thing to carryout fishing from this park is that, there are also fishing tournaments that are arranged frequently and rewarded to the winners.

Guided nature walks.

Tourists can also opt to embark on guided nature walks and the park guides who lead them through always accompany them. More so, choosing to take a walks in selected sections in this park blesses individuals with opportunities to enjoy the biodiversity within the park and overlook at many wildlife species in the park.

Apart from, the above mentioned activities, there are many more other activities that tourists can engage in during their stay in Akagera national park and these include; wildlife game viewing, community visits and cultural encounters, cultural encounters, boat cruise among others. however, there are also several activities that they can do while outside in the park such as; visiting the genocide war memorial centers and museums, the presidential palace, the museum, visiting the Kigali city markets, Rusamo falls. More so, for the individuals who have their interests in buying souvenirs can also always stop by one of the craft shops and local shops that they will be able to meet along the way.

More so, for tourists planning to visit Akagera national park can always choose to visit during the dry season, which is between June to September, and from December to February when there are less rains and the grass vegetation is always short which makes it easy for tourists to take clear views of the park. Because during the rainy season, which is between months of March and April, the roads always tend to be slippery which makes it difficult to pass through.

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