Rwandan Safaris

Rwandan Safaris

Top 7 Activities At Lake Kivu

Top 7 activities at Lake Kivu are the fascinating safari activites that the tourists can participate at Lake Kivu that is the stunning safari lake in Rwanda. Lake Kivu is the fresh water lake in Rwanda, the country shares it with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lake Kivu it the largest lake in Rwanda and the eighth largest lake in the entire Africa. Lake Kivu is the Rwanda’s stunning lake with various fish species that are over 28 different fish species like tilapia, Barbus salmon, Ripon barbel, Nile tilapia and many others. Lake Kivu boasts the large numbers of the water bird species like the Chin-spot Batis, Yellow-throated Greenbul, Ashy Flycatcher, Bronzed sunbird and many others. Lake Kivu is such the best source of income of the neighboring people that stay near the lake through carrying out different activites that the tourists participate in to make the people’s standards of living get improved.

Top 7 activites at Lake Kivu.

Boat cruise.

Boat cruise is the most top safari activity done by the tourists at Lake Kivu. Tourists enjoy the boat cruise at Lake Kivu while relaxing on the waters of the lake, when it becomes evening the tourists enjoy the boat cruise with the lunch that can be served to you while you are on the boat cruise, in the evening you enjoy the sunset while sipping your wine together reading a Rwandan safari book that makes your boat cruise the most charming one. While on the boat cruise you admire the various wildlife that comes across including the acquatic species together with the acquatic bird species.

On a boat cruise you can visit the exciting islands that are located within around like Amahoro Island, Napoleon Island where you appreciate the adventure.

Sport fishing.

Sport fishing is among the top safari activites done at Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu is the breathtaking Rwandan safari destination with various number of the fish species that are found in the lake like longfin tilapia, Nile tilapia, blue-spotted tilapia, and among others. On a safari the tourists enjoy the sport fishing activity while catching different fish species that can be caught from the lake that makes the activity the classic one. The interesting part in this activity is that you can keep the fish to take home as a reward for your participation in the activity that is quite motivating for one to participate in the activity that makes sport fishing at Lake Kivu the most gorgeous one for the tourists, Top 7 Activities At Lake Kivu.

Bird watching.

Bird watching becomes fully magical when one stands near the waters of Lake Kivu. Here the bird lovers you happen to visit Lake Kivu can have the endless spotting of the beautiful bird species, and also here the tourists can get the chance of sighting the bird species catching their prey from the water bodies. The bird species that are commonly spotted at the lake includes yellow-billed stork, knobs billed duck, African king fishers, African woodpecker, Palm-Nut Vulture, sacred ibis, Speckled pigeons, Ashy Flycatchers and among many others. Mostly on Lake Kivu, the bird species can be best observed during the boat cruise, as well as walking tours around the lake shores. Again the lake boast the migratory bird species from Europe and northern African especially from October to April like Yellow-bellied Waxbill, Ospreys, Double-toothed Barbet and among others that makes bird watching at Lake Kivu.

Top 7 Activities At Lake Kivu

Top 7 Activities At Lake Kivu


Wates of Lake Kivu are such fresh that deserves for every tourist to enjoy swimming from that lake water. Therefore after the long walk along the lake shores and the presence of the long heat from the sun tourists are free to dip themselves in the lake waters to have the relaxed mind, calm adventure in the water. And for the first time visitors and the tourists who do not know about the swimming do not worry big, there are people around the waters that are willing to teach you how to go swimming that makes your safari to be a complete one at Lake Kivu, as well you can enjoy beaches around the lake that provides you with the perfect safari activites along Lake Kivu, Top 7 Activities At Lake Kivu.

Visiting islands.        

On a safari to Lake Kivu if you happen to have enough time then you can be having the chances of visiting the islands along Lake Kivu.There is Nyamirundi island where the tourists can have the opportunities of spotting the large coffee plantation where you understand the process of coffee making from the period of harvesting, drying, roasting then grinding and to consumption, tourists can get the chance of tasting on the organic coffee that is locally made and produced from the thousand hills in its deep fertile soils.

Tourists can visit the Napoleon Island where you get to observe the green landscape of the place together with the presence of trees that provides and blows you the collect air ever that you can receive. On the same island there is a connection with the Rwanda genocide which can also be visited on the Rwanda genocide tour. There are other islands on the lake that includes serene island, Peace Island, Amahoro Island that you can together explore on a Rwanda safari.

Biking/ Water sports.

Biking majorly is done by the tourists on the lake shores where the tourists gain the biking experience with the help of the lake’s conducive breeze which gives you the best safari experience. Then towards the different beaches located along the Lake Kivu shores the tourists can participate in the different sport activites like beach soccer, kayaking, windsurfing, and volley ball and among many others, Top 7 Activities At Lake Kivu.

Visiting the Imababazi Orphanage.

On a tour at Lake Kivu tourists can visit the Imababazi orphanage that was established by the Rasmond Carr an American that is in Rwanda’s history and a good friend to the late Dian Fossey the primatologist of the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. The orphanage was majorly established to act as the home of the orphans whose parents were killed in Rwanda genocide that happened in 1994 where it made the various number of children to be orphans. That’s when Rosamond saw the pain they were going through and established the orphanage to take care of the young infants in order to take away the tires from missing their beloved ones. On a Rwandan safari to Lake Kivu, as well tourists can have tend to visit the orphanage where you see the number of orphans that were brought in more years past, and on the tour you can happen to donate a support to the innocent souls that makes their lives supported and loved once again.

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