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Park Entrance Fees for Nyungwe Forest National Park 2023

Park Entrance Fees for Nyungwe Forest National Park 2023 : Park entrance fees for Nyungwe National Park: Nyungwe national park is the popular Rwanda safari destination for a chimpanzee tour in Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest national park is under the management of African Parks that manages Akagera national park, which is the on savannah park found in Rwanda. Nyungwe forest national park is a unique safari destination on a Rwanda safari that offers tourists with the safari activities like canopy walk, hiking safari, guided nature walks, birding safaris, chimpanzee trekking and among many others.

Nyungwe Management Company during 2020, was given the responsibility to take control over Nyungwe Forest National Park in the previous price, that was not been adjusted in ten years past until currently. One of the reasons to why Nyungwe Forest National Park was preserved with the first priorities in terms of tourism up scaling was to create the inclusive tourism development plan that must influence all tourism and the possible hospitality initiatives around Nyungwe. As the new planned price that will be put in place in 2023 January is majorly part of the Tourism Department Plan that takes into the all considerations the anticipated improvement in the Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality at all.

Currently over 35% of the visitors are nationals as with the goal to increase the percentage with a fair price, improved safari activities, accommodation set up, with the vision being at least 50% of the park visitors beings nationals and the additional nearly 15 to 20 % resident visitors. The entrance fees of Nyungwe Forest national park is to encourage the visitors with all the prices for the days, night, with low fees for successive nights.

Entry fees for Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Entry fee Details 1 Day/Night 2 Nights 3 Nights
Rwandan/EAC Citizen   10 10,000 15 15000 20 20,000
Foreign Resident in Rwanda/EAC   60   90   120  
African citizen (other than EAC)   60   90   120  
International Visitor   100   150   200  
Rwandan/EAC Citizen child 6-12 Perperson 5 5000 7.5 7500 10 10,000
Foreign Resident in Rwanda/EAC

Child 6 to 12

  30   45   60  
African citizen (other than EAC)

Child 6 to 12

  30   45   60  
International Visitor Child

6 to 12

  50   75   100  

Special Activities.

Park Entrance Fees for Nyungwe Forest National Park 2023

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe N.P

Nyungwe Forest National park offers special activities to the tourists that includes canopy walk, guided birding, primate trekking especially chimpanzee trekking and night treks. Minimal group size 2 (if one pays for 2) and maximum 8. The groups can be joined specifically when on primate or night walking including the guide.

Nyungwe chimps.

Rwandan/EAC Citizen 5
Foreign resident in Rwanda/EAC 20
International Visitor 40

Chimpanzee trekking with the guide.

Rwandan /EAC Citizen 25
EAC/Resident 75
International Visitor 150


The children who come to visit Nyungwe Forest national park that are below 5 do not pay entry fees.

The entry fees are not charged beyond 3 nights for up to one week.

Community freelance guidance fees.

Guides (Community Freelance) USD  
Guide for regular forest walks Per guide/ half day 15  
Guide for regular forest walks Per guide/full day 25  
Porter Per porter/ half day 5  
Porter Per porter/full day 10  
    Adults 13+ Children 6 to 12
Other activities and fees   USD USD
Camping Price pp/ night 15 7.5
Tent hire Per 4-man (approx.. 3mx 3m)canvas tent 20  

Picking up guides and porters before 9 am and the returning to the same reception within 5 hours will be deemed a 12 day activity. And the guide is picked up at reception after 9 am therefore he or she can be charged for the whole day unless the guide is returned before midday, Park Entrance Fees for Nyungwe Forest National Park 2023. And if a guide is asked to escort a guest in one of the activities a price is 15,000 RWF charges for the guide’s housing and meals for up to three nights. Then the porters on multi-day hikes can be charged an extra price of 15,000 RWF for housing and meals for three nights. And ant of the additional nights will be charged 5000 RWF for each night.

8 tourists excluding children below 5 years are required to have the guide, this helps to keep the safety of guests and also help to ensure the information shared by the guide can be considered by all. Entry fee of any trail is payable by all visitors, or per night for overnight visitors inside the park. The fee reduces by 50% for second and third nights and free for nights for a week. Like for one night in the park and 2 days either side, the fee is paid once. Then 2 nights is paid twice, the second reduced by 50%. For visitors staying outside the park are considered as day visitors hence required to pay entry fee each day they enter the park.

Children below 5 years pay nothing, entry, activities. The children allowed to pay are the ones from 6 to 12 years then 13 years and above pay adult rates for entry and also activities. The residency status is important must be verified with the documentation, or international visitor fees may be charged.

Then the Rwandan Nationals of more than 20 people do receive themselves a discount of 20 % off the usual 8000 RWF for adults and 4000 RWF for the children. The night walks begin at 5:30 pm then end from 8 to 9 pm where your guides meets at the decided reception.

In Nyungwe Forest National park the annual passes are available and allow unlimited access to Nyungwe for a one-off payment for a year. Then single, couple and Family passes are given, the annual pass fee has permits, no special park activities. There is 10% discount on park activities is given to Annual Pass holders. Further terms and conditions are given and applied if you read this article well. The tent hire does not include the beddings, or camping equipment, then the cash is not allowed in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

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