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Park Entrance Fees for Akagera National Park 2023

Park entrance fees for Akagera National Park 2023 will offer you the great safari opportunity for your excellent safari experience in Akagera National Park where you engage yourself in the different safari activities that takes place in Akagera National Park for the incredible wildlife safari experience on a Rwanda safari. Akagera National Park has got the diverse safari activities that makes your safari the most special one that includes game drives where you spot the country’s big five mammals. Boat cruise on Lake Ihema that guides you to spot the beautiful and attractive water bird species and other animal species that comes along take drinking water or take a bath. As well Akagera National Park offers the tourists with the walking safari where the tourists tend to encounter with the various wildlife in the areas where the vehicles do not reach or access.

Park Entrance Fees.

Entry fee/self-drive permit 1 day/Night 2 Nights 3 nights
Rwandan/EAC Citizen 16 15000 24 22,500 32 30,000
Rwandan/ EAC Resident per person 50   75   100  
International visitor 100   150   200  
Rwandan/EAC Citizen 6 to 12 11 10,000 16 150,000 21 20,000
Rwandan/EAC resident 6 to 12 30   45   60  
International visitor 6 to 12 50   75   100  

Park Entrance Fees for Akagera National Park 2023

Game drives in Akagera National Park

For the self-drive tourists, there is always an amount that are required for you to pay and this amount is payable on the daily notice per person of the vehicles that you use while your inside Akagera National Park.

Other fees Details USD
Vehicle fees Vehicle/mini bus (Rwandan/EAC registered) 10
  Omnibus/bus/over lander (Rwandan/EAC registered) 20
  Vehicle/minibus (foreign registered) 40
  Omnibus/bus/over lander(foreign registered) 100

Guide fees.

Guides park and community free lance   USD
Guide for self-drive game drive Per guide half a day 25
Guide for self-drive game drive Per guide/full day 40

Activities in Akagera national park.

6 to 12   Adults 13+ Children
Night game drives Pp2.5 hours/vehicle, driver, guide/min2max7 40 25
Fishing Pp per day (own equipment) 25 15
Boat trip-scheduled morning/day Price per pp/1 hrs/max 11 pax 35 20
Boat trip-scheduled sunset trip Price per pp/1 hrs/max 11 pax 45 30
Boat trip-private, non-scheduled Price per pp/1 hrs/max 11 pax 180
Camping Price pp/ night 25 15
  Price pp/min 4/4.5 hrs 25 15
Behind the scenes tour Group rate for 8 180
  A half a day max, 5 hours/vehicles, driver, guide max 7 180
Game drive day (AMC operated) Full day/vehicle/driver, guide, max 7 pax 280
Community cultural experience Various activities offered half day/min 3 pax 30 20
Walk the line 7 km along the fence/min 3 pp approx. 3 hours 30 20
Rhino tracking Min.2 pax and max 4 pax/only guests at Karenge Bush Camp 75  
Balloon safari Min 2 pax and max 4 pax/only guests at Karenge Bush Camp USD 45 (int.) USD 350 (resident) and USD 250 (Citizen)  

Night drives are done by the park (Akagera Management Company) and they provide a car, driver and spotlights. The Night drives begin at 5:30 pm and end around 8 to 8:30pm. As you can be picked and dropped at your lodge and only in the south of the park, Park Entrance Fees for Akagera National Park 2023.

Boat trips are like the following

7:30 to 8:30 am

9:00 to 10:00 am

3:00 to 4:00 pm

4:30 to 6:00 pm (sunset trip)

The private boat trips can be arranged and charged at a flat rate for the boat, not per person. And these should be booked at non-scheduled times starting between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Rhino tracking, is done from the north of Akagera national park (Kilala plains) and therefore available to only guests staying at the Karenge Bush Camp that is located in the north overlooking the Kilala plains.

Other fees.

Other fees   USD
Tent hire Per 6-man (3mx3m) canvas tent (south sites) 20
Recovery fee Breakdown or assistance from the park 70
Recovery fee coasters Breakdown or assistance from the park 150
Fines For breaking any park rules and regulations 150
Landing fees Per landing with in Akagera national Park 50
Research fee Contact the management prior to any research 200
Ranger assistance fee For researchers/per day/conditions apply 25
Commercial filming/photography Per day. Contact the park for all filming 300

Annual pass.

Rwandan/ EAC Citizen Single pass   95,000
Rwandan/EAC Citizen Couple pass   150,000
Rwandan/EAC Citizens Family Pass   205,000
Rwandan/EAC Resident Single pass 300  
Rwandan/EAC Residents Couples pass 500  
Rwandan/EAC Residents Family pass 700  

Note, the Annual fees do not include the park fees and only a 10% discount is offered on activities, and here you have unlimited tourist entry for a period of one year.

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