Rwandan Safaris

Rwandan Safaris

Kigali city tour

Kigali city tour is the exceptional way package where the travelers enjoy the beautiful and clean city and hence leading them to learn more about Kigali city. Kigali city is known as the biggest city in Rwanda and known as the land of the 1000 hills, where it offers you the endless safari attractions like Rwanda golden monkey trekking and gorilla trekking safaris in Volcanoes national park, game drives in Akagera National Park, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national Park and among others for the tourists that are interested in the worldlife adventure and encountering nature.

Rwanda has got the diverse tours that can be carried around the country including gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking, Rwanda genocide tours, the Kigali city tour explores the tourists encounters them to the culture, art, and the various attractions that gives the guests endless spotting of the unique safari destinations that are located in the country. This article brings you the most attractive safari destinations that you can visit during your safari on Kigali city tour.

Kigali being in the heart of Rwanda it features various numbers and attractive restaurants, shops, cafes for the travelers to visit as well. More so, the travelers enjoy visiting the beautiful markets that are located in the various areas in the city that can be consisting of the very beautiful handcrafts as to take back as the souvenirs after the safari.

Kigali city tour attractions.

Kigali Memorial Museum.

Kigali Memorial Museum is among the top safari destinations to visit during Kigali city tour. The museum tells you and explains to you what happened during the period 1994 Rwanda genocide. During Kigali city tour you carry out Rwanda genocide tour where you explore the various genocide memorial sites that are located in the city.Thats where you got to different sections where you see a number of people and they lost their lives during the genocide period, their words of victims, and those who got injured that is too touching but a restoration of hope among humanity.

The King’s palace.

On Kigali city tours, tourists can get to know more about the culture of the people of Rwanda before the modernity as you see the King’s palace that gives you the sight of King’s palace of the last King of Rwanda, King Musinga Yuhi V. The palace has got the amazing and attractive architectural styles made of the grass roofing and cow dung. On your visit to the King’s palace you see different local items that the local people used to carry their daily activities like hoes for digging, showing you how the local medicine was made and among other attractive things can be seen during the Kigali city tours.

Kigali city tour

The King’s palace

Presidential Palace/museum.

Tourists can as well explore and visit Presidential palace on Kigali city tour. At the presidential palace that’s where the history of Rwanda genocide begins, that should not be missed out on Kigali city tour. That’s where the travelers get the opportunity to sighting the wreckage of the Hutu president of Rwanda juvenile Habyarimana plane that is believed to have been bombed by a Tutsi rebel that led to the beginning of Rwanda 1994 genocide. At the same time on the tour you get to see the life style of the president to where your knowledgeable guide tells you about all the events that led to political war in the country.

Inema crafts center.

On Kigali city tour you can as well visit the Inema crafts center where you happen to see the different paints made from the plants and animal materials that are such spectacular with the number of paints that you see during your Kigali city tour at the center. At the center there can be various lessons teaching you on how to mix different colours of paints made of plants and among others, as well at the end of the Rwandan safari you can purchase a souvenir at the friendly price.

Nyamata church.

Nyamata church is best explored on Kigali city tour. The church is just located outside the city Kigali. The church is important historical site in Rwanda that bombed the rebels forces in 1994 genocide, this is a fascinating Rwanda safari destination to visit on the Kigali city tour.

Kimironko market.

On Kigali city tour visiting Kimironko market is the better way to take as this is the place where the travelers can get to see all the varieties located in the market including the clothes, food and among many others. This is the place in Kigali where you marvel at many patterns from all the West African countries including the fruits, clothes and many more.

Nyamirambo Muslim quarter tour.

Nyamirambo Muslim quarter tour is where tourists experience the authentic on Kigali city tour, this is where the tourists enjoys sighting the endless colourful Muslim quarter. During the night tourists enjoy the more entrainment spots like the restaurants, bars where you happen to enjoy the number of the Rwanda dishes on that day. As well the tourists during the tour can enjoy see Muslim culture that impacted people in the area especially in their dressing codes, finding the Arabian spices and many more. On tour the if you lucky the women in the Muslim quarter can invite you to their homes and teach you how to make the Rwanda cuisines that is such a charming Rwanda safari experience that will give you everlasting safari memories on Kigali city tour.

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