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Rwandan Safaris

17 Facts about Rwanda

17 facts about Rwanda. Rwanda is haven safari destination in Africa. The country is known as the land of the thousand hills because of its natural beauty containing the mountains, hills, stunning landscape and among others. Rwanda is a land locked country in the central part of Africa that lies on 75 miles southward of equator, 880 miles west of Indian Ocean and 1250 miles east of the Atlantic Ocean. Rwanda is the incredible destination, where the country borders with Tanzania to the East then Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Uganda to the North and Burundi to the south. Explore Rwanda on the Rwanda safari tour you will enjoy the beautiful facts that the destination holds.

17 facts about Rwanda.

Rwanda is the destination that is well known as being the country that has got the highest representation of the women in the parliament where they have got the highest percentage compared to the men.

Rwanda is ranked as the top five developed countries since 2000.

Rwanda is the only country in the world where the people in the country together with the presence of their president they do participate together in the National service activities known as the ‘’Umuganda’’ every last Saturday in the month.

Rwanda is best recorded as the best country with the highest internet connectivity in Africa as the Rwanda government is spreading the internet facilities like the construction of the fiber optic in every part of the country which makes everyone who comes to the country as a tourist to keep connected 24 hours to his family, loved ones and friends and among others.

Rwanda is one of the leading digital revolutions in Africa, as every services needed from the public institutions for instance. Tax declaration and the payment, Traffic penalties, payments and among all others are done online not the analog systems that are still used in other African countries.

According to the World Bank’s doing business report of 2016, Rwanda was the 2nd Africa’s country to do business in behind the Mauritius which was the 1st in Africa, 49th globally. And the Business registration in Rwanda it’s done in 48 hours.

Rwanda is the origin of smart Africa Alliance.

Rwanda is known for its capital city Kigali that is the cleanest city in Africa, this is because Rwanda’s government implemented the law of banning of polythene bags as to keep protecting the environment, while conserving the destination.

Rwanda being the part of the Virunga massif, the country has got the 5 volcanoes like Karisimbi, Bisoke, Sabyinyo, Gahinga, Muhabura. On a Rwanda safari among the 5 volcanoes Karisimbi is the highest one in among all others with the height of about 4507 meters above the sea level.

Rwanda is such attractive and supports the water activities like canoeing, boat riding, fishing where the country has got 23 lakes and the numerous rivers.

Rwanda experiences the temperate climate with 25 to 300C during the day and 150C during the night and this takes place during the night.

Rwanda is attractive destination that supports the country’s tourism where the country has got four national parks that is Volcanoes national park known for the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys, Nyungwe national park known for the natural forest, chimpanzees, Akagera national park known for the big five mammal species, Gishwati-Mukura national park known for wildlife including the chimpanzees and the bird species.

17 Facts about Rwanda


Rwanda is very secure and the peaceful country to live in with the welcoming and friendly people.

Rwanda is a developed destination that introduced the use of drones in the medical services like the distribution of the blood to the emergency stations.

Rwanda has got the various number of places for the tourists to explore depending on the type of tourism that you are after like dark tourism, business tourism, cultural tourism, religious tourism, medicine tourism, and among others.

Rwanda has got the soldiers known as the Rwanda Defense force that are well professional and have experience and they are the respected peace keepers in Africa as they show professionalism whenever they attend UN peace keeping missions in Africa like UNAMID In Darfur/ Sudan.

Rwanda is known has the destination known for the methane gas where the country has introduced the use of technology in the extraction of it under the waters of Lake Kivu and turns it into energy for the people to use.

Not only the 17 facts about Rwanda. The country has got the most of the other facts which makes it special and becomes everyone’s safari dream to make the destination as the first bucket list hence gives you’re the best memories in your entire life.

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